swallowing words while giving head
They listen to teeth to learn how to quit

nerviuuuus mañana iré al jumbo para ver si contratan empaques uwu

soy lo peor pa’ esto, no sirvo para ser adulta y trabajar uwu uwu


I need feminism because women continue to be murdered because men feel so fucking entitled to their bodies that MURDER is a justifiable response to REJECTION

everytime i get on facebook it makes me feel all sad and horrible, i see my supposedly best friend speaking and hanging out with one of my ex-friends (we were this group of 3 back in high school and ‘T’ and i kept hanging out, but me and ‘C’ just lost contact, even tho we two had more things in common) and when i try to speak to her she’s so distant and everything is so awkward

like right now they are together in santiago for the fall out boy concert, and i didn’t know???? like when i went to santiago to see 30 seconds to mars (even tho the concert was postponed, but oh well) ‘T' was the first to know and i was so excited and she doesn't tell me anything, it makes me feel like crap. i honestly want to delete her from facebook, but that seems like such a childish move? like oh i think you don't like me anymore so i'll pretend you don't exist~

and besides that, there’s all this people my age having kids and being happy, and i’m… here.

the story of a 22 years old woman girl

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a friend of my brother has been here at the house the whole day and now he was crying because his pants ripped and he said his parents are going to beat him, omg i felt so nervous because he said his house is hell and he was going to kill himself.

he’s a 12 years old boy, what kind of parents beat his son because his pants ripped? this is so fucked up and honestly i’m so privileged and grateful that i grew up in a good home with loving parents.

i’m so scared for that kid :((




  • los qliaos de mars cambiaron la gira pa’ octubre
  • me perderé 3 dias de clases y la asistencia estará como la shit
  • tengo 2 pruebas… que me perderé y tendré que darla a fin de semestre
  • me estoy enfermando y me ha dolido la cabeza todos estos días
  • el periodo no me ha llegado y deberia llegarme justo esta semana oh bacán~~~
  • UGH
  • semana qlia.
  • por lo menos conoceré santiago…
  • ugh