swallowing words while giving head
They listen to teeth to learn how to quit

Master Roshi just dieeeeed, goku hurry up!

omg i’m finally continuing this lol i suck at watching animes that have more than 30 episodes and i wanted to start Bleach which has 366 eps, i’ll probably end it in 4 more years.

and i’m rewatching death note! i forgot how much i loved it :DD watching it again because i wanted my brother to watch it and partly because of mamoru miyano’s voice.

mamoru miyano’s voice is everything

he should voice every character tbh


wishing i was in lollapalooza right now :(

i’ll watch the livestream sigh, toda paaaaaabre viendo imagine dragons por mi pc bleh

the mars concert is in may and i don’t have nothing prepared, no plane tickets, no money, no place to stay… just my concert ticket.

i’m getting anxious about it, i need moneeeeeey.

rei/usagi in this first ep :))))))))))))))


sailor uranus and sailor neptune!!!!




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yaay i made it! i watched the first 100 episodes of Dragon Ball :DDD dude it took me like two years because the first series is so boring, it has SO MANY FILLERS, but now it gets interesting with all the good fights.

and is the only anime i’ve been watching these weeks so now that i got to the 100th episode i’ll continue with Sailor Moon S